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Scholar Name Registration Thesis Title Supervisor Email ID Fellowship Status
SUSHMITA BARUI (2019)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2020/0038 17-01-2020Bharotiyo nation gothone Shyamaprasad Mukherjee'r chintadharaDr. Anandita Biswas8597121266Registered
DEBARATI DAS (2019)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2020/0039 17-01-2020Swami Vivekananda's concept of man-making and its relevance in contemporary nation building in IndiaDr. Anandita Biswas8017842562NETRegistered/SUBMITTED
ANUSHREE GHOSHAL 2019)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2020/0040 17-01-2020Refugee crisis and human security in India: A study of select casesDr. Prosenjit Pal8145662372NET SETRegistered
BISAKHA BAIDYA (2019)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2020/0041 17-01-2020Continuity and change in India's neighbourhood policy: An analysis of Modi?s foreign policy initiatives.Dr. Prosenjit Pal8240816009SETRegistered
RABINA CHATTERJEE (2020)Perceiving tribal consciousness: A case study of the Naxalbari leadershipDr. Debashish Mitra7908380514Registered
SWAGATA BHATTACHARYA (2020)Nobo jagoroner bhabdharae rani rashmonir chinta o chetanaDr. Anandita Biswas9331848643Registered
TANUSHREE SARDAR (2020)India-Southeast Asia relations in the emerging maritime security environment of the Indo-Pacific region, 2014-2021Dr. Prosenjit Pal9868607343NETRegistered
RAKHI MITRA (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0129 13.01.23The challenges of Internal displacement in South Asia: A Study of Environment Induced Internally Displaced Persons in South 24 Parganas in West BengalDr. Prosenjit Pal9432234122NETREGISTERED
RUKMINI BHATTACHARYA (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0149 13.01.23Political Economy of Fiscal Federalism in India: Case studies on practices of Market Preserving FederalismProf. Raj Kumar Kothari9051967072REGISTERED
NANDA GHOSH (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0151 13.01.2023Mapping the older voters' policy preferences in West Bengal: a cross-sectional study of select districtsDr. Debashish Mitra9830968354SETREGISTERED
QUEEN SINHA (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0146 13.01.2023Assessing The Role Of Women?s Self Help Group in Securing Human Rights:- A Case Study of Selected Districts of West BengalDr. Debashish Mitra7031979726SETREGISTERED
SHARMIN CHOWDHURY (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0152Regionalism, Regional Integration And Security Communities: A Study of European Union and ASEANDr. Prosenjit Pal6291936918SETREGISTERED
SUBHALAKSHMI ROYCHOUDHURY (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0144 Demystifying the myth of a casteless Bengal:Chronicling the changes and continuitiesDr. Prosenjit Pal9748857366NETREGISTERED
ADITI DAS (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0148Refugee problem in India: Analysis on BangladeshDr. Sayantani Sen Mazumdar8013722561REGSTERED
SUPRIYA DAS (2022)Dr. Debashish Mitra8334979890left the programme
SHUNTI MADDI (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0143Santal Janagosthir Artha-Samajik o Rajnaitik Unnoyon : Paschim Bonger Paschim Bardhaman Jelar Upor Akti khetro Samikkha (1991-2022)Dr. Debashish Mitra9547981539NET SETREGISTERED
NOURIN SIDDIQUE (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0147India and Sri Lanka Relations: An Analytical study of Geopolitical Strategic Convergences in the Post Cold War eraDr. Sayantani Sen Mazumdar9609911570SETREGISTERED
FIRDOUS PARVEEN (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0153Upliftment of Tribal Women: Case Study of Gadchiroli AreaDr. Sayantani Sen Mazumdar8910815388REGISTERED
SUNITA CHOWDHURY (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0145A comparative study of self-help groups at the border area between India and BangladeshDr. Sayantani Sen Mazumdar8622872335REGISTERED
RAKA DUTTA (2022)DHWU/PHD/PLS/2022/0150 13.01.2023An analysis of gender difference in leadership effectiveness in policy preferences and distribution of social goods: a study of few selected districts of West Bengal.Dr. Debashish Mitra9836264737SETREGISTERED