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Alumni Details

Scholar Name Registration Thesis Title Supervisor Email ID Fellowship Status
Rimpa MondalReg.No.:DHWU/Ph.D/CHEM/2019/0066 10/12/2021 Designing and developing new magnetically separable nanocatalysts: Applications in different organic transformationDr. Tanmay Chattopadhyayrimpamondal956@gmail.comWBSET-2020 NET 2023 Registered
Rinku GhantaReg.No.:DHWU/Ph.D/CHEM/2019/0066 10/12/2021 Metal complexes of N, O donorligands: modeling of metallobiosites and development of selected heterogeneous catalystDr. Tanmay Chattopadhyayrinkughanta96@gmail.comDST INSPIRERegistered
Pamela PalReg.No.:DHWU/Ph.D/CHEM/2019/0065 10/12/2021 Synthesis of small heterocyclic molecules and their bioactivity studyDr. Raj Kumar Nandi Dr. Tapas Ghosh palpamela@gmail.comNoRegistered
Sukanya DasDesign and Synthesis of new hypervalent iodine reagent and its application towards therapeutic interested small molecule synthesis.Dr. Raj Kumar Nandisukanyadas01997@gmail.com
Sayanti showReg.No.:DHWU/Ph.D/CHEM/2021/0098 29/06/2022 Probing the efficacy of natre resourced chemicals in interdiciplinary platformDr. Raj Kumar Nandi Prof. Susanta Lahiri sayantishow98@gmail.comCSIR-ES Registered
Puja SamantaEnrollment No.: Ph.D/Chem/2023/04Infrared spectroscopic determination of structure and conformation of selected biogeneic VOCsDr. Pujarini Banerjeespuja821@gmail.comSERB Project Enrolled
Sushmita NandyEnrollment No.: Ph.D/Chem/2023/02 07/02/2023 Dr. Jayanta MaitySushmitanandy532@gmail.comNoEnrolled
Marufah ParvinEnrollment No.: Ph.D/Chem/2023/02 07/02/2023 Dr. Jayanta Maitymarufahparvin.25@gmail.comNoEnrolled