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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry, Diamond Harbour Women´s University, came into existence in 2017, with 20 students in its rolls, from various parts of the State. The faculty strength has grown over the years, and presently consists of permanent young faculty members, as well as renowned guest faculties with expertise in their respective teaching areas. The present intake of students is 40for each year. The department has been offering three specialized courses in the final semester, viz. Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.The department also conducts special classes for NET/GATE etc. examinations. Some of the pass-out students of the Department are already pursuing research or are well-placed in industry.

The Department has grown from strength to strength in its last few years; forming its Board of Studies and Board of Research Studies in 2019. Along with PG courses, theDepartment is also committed to pursuing research on fundamental and state-of-art research areas, including interdisciplinary research, by individual faculty and student investigators. The PhD program of the Departmenthas commenced since 2019, and has quite a few aspiring students registered for the purpose. The Department already has in place some basic infrastructure and facilities for high quality research, and is all set to expand further in the very near future. It has undertaken several academic outreach programmes recently, including organization of seminars both at the national and international level. The department also encourages participation of students in different co-curricular activities to enhance their overall educational experience.

The Department expresses its gratitude to all the resource persons who contributed immensely to build up this department. The Department is also thankful to other renowned academicians for their kind consent to be members of the Board of Studies, Board of Research Studies and other programmes undertaken by the Department.

  • Molecular spectroscopy, Bio-inorganic chemistry, Co-ordination chemistry, Nano-materials, surfactant science and polymer science and engineering,
  • Synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry
  • No. of NET/SLET qualified students in last five years -2
  • No. of Ph.D. produced in last five years - Nil
  • No. of registered / enrolled Ph.D. scholars (present) - 5
  • No. of research publication in peer reviewed journals in last five years - 19 (Prof.Maity), 6 (Dr. Chattopadhyay), 11 (Dr. Nandi), 10 (Dr. Banerjee),
  • Average impact factor of the research publication
  • No. of books published in last five years
  • No. of seminar/conference organized by the department
  • No. of foreign visit by faculty members and scholars during last five years
  • No of special lecture organized by the department
  • Total research grant received during last five years
  • No. awards/honours received by the faculty members during last five years
  • Departmental recognition
  • No. of Seminar / conference / workshop attended by the faculty members during last five years - 10 (Prof.Maity), 10 (Dr. Chattopadhyay), 13 (Dr. Nandi) 5 (Dr. Banerjee)
  • No. of research collaboration within India
  • No. of research collaboration outside India
  • No. of MOU signed
  • M.Sc. level: 40 per semester