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Department of Geography

SL. # Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Staff Funding Agency Any collaboration Title of the project Total Grant (Rs. In Lakhs) Year of Sanction and tenure
1. Prof. Sujit Mandal ICSSR An Assessment of Changing Course of the River Ganga and Bank Erosion Induced Socio-economic Impact on Human Fabric in ManickchakDiara of Malda District, West Bengal: A Spatio-temporal study for Ex-Post Assistance to Erosion Victims 9,00000/- 2016
2. Dr. Kapil Ghosh Chadrakala Tamang International Science Council Community Based Landslide Hazard, Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Reduction Plan – A study on Selected Communities from India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia 8,60,536/- 2019