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Alumni Details

Scholar Name Registration Thesis Title Supervisor Email ID Fellowship Status
Sutapa MukhopadhyayAparna Bandyopadhyay9830655693 sutapasenm@gmail.com
Jayati GhatakTitle of the Thesis: The Agrarian Society of Coastal Orissa 1866-1900 Aparna Bandyopadhyay9836039723 jayatighatak5@gmail.com
Bidusi Sardarbidusihaldar71@gmail.com
Soma SiddhantaDr. Aparna Bandyopadhyay9432373098/8240583261 soma.siddhanta71@gmail.com
Madhura ChakrabortyTitle of the Thesis: Women's High Calling -Teaching Professionals of Colonial Bengal (1849-1947) Dr. Aparna Bandyopadhyay9748448870 madhurachakraborty4@gmail.com
Anuradha GuptaTitle of the Thesis: Contribution of non-missionary European women towards education of women in India with special reference to Bengal in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Dr. Aparna Bandyopadhyay9830504577 anuradha.gupta.cal@gmail.com
Sampa GhoshTitle of the Thesis: (Twentieth Century Bengali Sports Literature: A Socio-Historical Study) Dr. Anindita Ghoshal9830598120 sampaghoshharipal@gmail.com
Jayati NagTitle of the Thesis: Labour Movement in Railways Dr. Anindita Ghoshal9830817442 jayatinagdutta@rediffmail.com
Sobnam BaidyaDr. Anindita Ghoshal9088392886 sobnombaidya@rediffmail.com
Samarpita GhoshDr. Anindita Ghoshalsamarpitaghosh2011@gmail.com
Mohana ChatterjeeTitle of the Thesis: Dandakaranya: Bengali Refugees in search of New Homes. Dr. Anindita Ghoshal9874298770 chatterjeemohana01@gmail.com
Title of the Thesis: Interpreting Bengali Cuisine: In Quest of Identity, Culture and Politics (1920-1971). Dr. Anindita Ghoshal8240602844 ananyahist85@gmail.com
Saptaparna MaitraTitle of the Thesis: South 24 Parganas: A Socio-Ecological Approach Towards History, 1950-2000 Dr.Sonali Naskar9836265280 saptaparna.89@gmail.com
Mehbuba YasminTitle of the Thesis: Educational Development of Muslim Women: West Bengal, 1950-2010, A Historical Study Dr.Sonali Naskar9093505378 mehbubayasmin94@gmail.com
Sampa BiswasTitle of the Thesis: Banglar Aranya Daptar: Oitihya O UttaradhikarDr.Sonali Naskar7980580079 smpbiswas17@gmail.com
Runa ShyamalTitle of the Thesis: ?????? ????????? ??????? ????? ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? ???????? Dr.Sonali Naskar8768610665 runashyamal2016@gmail.com