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Department of Botany

Scientific study of plant-life has always been a very important contributor to the progress of mankind. In the current scenario of environmental degradation, need to improve global food production and major endeavours in forest conservation, the scope of botany as a subject has increased enormously. Botany includes diverse subjects ranging from taxonomy, palaeobotany, anatomy, physiology, mycology to molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, plant pathology etc. When it comes to increasing food production to feed the ever-increasing human population or to find new plant-derived pharmaceutical compounds for drug development, the world is looking up to botanists for answers. The M.Sc. curriculum is designed to cover all the different themes of botany and train the students accordingly to prepare for a career in diverse avenues of botany.

Year of Establishment: 2018

Major thrust area of research: N.A.

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Major Challenges of the department: N.A.

Future plan of the department: N.A.

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Instrument Model
Inverted phasecontrast,fluorescence Microscope Zeiss, Axio Vert A1
Binocular stereozoom microscope Zeiss, Stemi 508
Upright fluorescencemicroscope Zeiss, Scope A1Gel documentation
Gel documentation Bio-Rad, Gel DocEZ Imager
Centrifuge Remi, R-8C
Centrifuge Remi, R-12C
Centrifuge Remi, R-12C Plus
Laminar air flow Microflow, 2019