Department of Zoology

Brief Introduction of the Department

The Department of Zoology, Diamond Harbour Women´s University, was established in 2017 and currently offers Post Graduate Course. The nascent Department was mentored by renowned biologist and current Registrar of this University, Prof. Dr. Sayeedur Rahman. Presently, one Associate Professor and four Assistant Professors are involved in this Department. All the faculties are actively engaged in teaching and developing the educational and research infrastructure of the Department. Special lectures, educational tours and hands-on training in field are organized to familiarize the students with latest developments in the field of biology.

The first batch of students completed the M. Sc. Course in July, 2019 and all the students secured first class degrees.

With the enthusiastic participation of all the faculties and students, this Department is continuously growing in strength and hopes to offer modern curricula in teaching-learning process and research.

Thrust Area of Research in the Department

  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics
  • Cancer Biology
  • Molecular Ecology
  • Parasitology
  • Immunology

Academic Programmes

  • Master of Science (M. Sc.)
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  • Honours Graduate in Concerned Discipline
  • 35

Profile of the Teaching Faculty

  • Dr. Biplab Bhowmik   View more
  • Associate Professor and Officiating Head

  • » The field of Parasitology with special interest in Protozoology
  • Dr. Aparajita Pal   View more
  • Assistant Professor

  • » Immunomodulation of anticancer drugs
    » Development of anticancer therapeutics from natural agents
    » Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
    » Development of Nano- therapeutics against cancer
  • Dr. Priya Roy   View more
  • Assistant Professor

  • » Parasitology, Filariasis, Cell death signaling (Apoptosis & Autophagy), Biological applications of nanomaterials.
    » Doctoral study: “Exploration of the antifilarial activity of a natural compound, chemically synthesized compounds and gold nanoparticles”
    » Postdoctoral study: “Impact of Culex quinquefasciatus larval microbiome on the modulation of vector competence for filarial parasite”
  • Dr. Shantanabha Das   View more
  • Assistant Professor

  • »Immunology:
      > Vaccinology
      > Immunotherapy
      > T cell and B cell biology
      > APC function
      > Host-pathogen interaction.
  • Susmita Mondal   View more
  • Assistant Professor

  • » Modulation of tumor microenvironment to understand the regulation of cancer stem cells (CSC).
    » Development of anticancer therapeutics from natural compounds to target Cancer as well as CSCs
    » Evaluation of drug resistance properties of CSCs and chemo sensitization of those cells through modulation of signaling pathways.

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