Department of Sanskrit

Brief Introduction of the Department

The Department of Sanskrit, Diamond Harbour Women’s University, is one of the newest departments of the University, having been formed only in 2017. At present, the department lacks fulltime teaching faculty, however the resource-persons are trying their best for the overall development and progress of the department.

Thrust Area of Research in the Department

  • Sanskrit Grammar
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Smriti
  • Inscriptions
  • Kavya

Academic Programmes

  • Master of Arts
  • MA  View more
  • Honours Graduate in Concerned Discipline
  • 25

  • BULET MANDAL   View more
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sanskrit Grammar, Sanskrit Literature, Indian Philosophy, Natural Language Processing
  • SUSHAMA SAREN   View more
  • Assistant Professor
  • Veda

Database of the Alumni

Academic Record of the Alumni

The department is very new and the students of the first batch are presently pursuing their academic affairs in the University.

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