Diamond Harbour Women’s University is dedicated to contribute meaningfully to the world academia by promoting research in various academic disciplines, at the same time facilitating the intellectual, economic, scientific, technological, and socio-cultural growth of the nation. The University keeps in mind that the ulterior motif of academic and intellectual pursuits is the advancement of the nation and the overall benefit of the humanity as a whole. Diamond Harbour Women’s University seeks to inculcate among the students habits of investigative and inquisitive academic practices right from the post-graduation level by introducing a full paper in each academic discipline on research methodology and/or term papers / dissertations. The said terms papers and dissertations are carried out by the students in fourth semester under their respective supervisors, and a viva voce by an external examiner is also often held. Of late, several departments of the University have begun their MPhil and PhD courses in full fledge since 2017; many others are in the process of forming their Board of Research Studies and inaugurating research courses at the earliest. The University heartily welcomes experts, scholars, and researchers not just within the borders of the nation but beyond to take up research in the university, as well as visit the campus and interact with the present students and the teaching faculty for meaningful and collaborative academic exchanges.

The University strictly adheres to the latest UGC guidelines regarding

Offered Research Programmes

At present, the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Course is offered in the following academic departments:

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Course is offered in the following academic departments at present:

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Science

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