SC/ST/OBC/Minority Cell

About the Cell

The University is committed to nurture an environment to promote the cultural diversity that our country takes pride in. The motto of the Cell as well as the University in general is to respect every student and staff irrespective of their ethnicities, socio-cultural backgrounds, religious faiths, national identities and so on. The Cell is dedicated to safeguarding individual rights of everyone including minorities, in tandem with the provisions of the Constitution.

Aims and Objectives

  • To create and promote a secure environment for the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority students of the University. Ensuring protection and reservation as per the Constitution is the prime motto of the Cell.
  • To offer guidance and counselling to SC, ST, OBC, and Minority students of the University in various matters.
  • To work in tandem with the Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell (SGRC) and the Internal Complaints Cell (ICC) of the University to redress the grievances of SC, ST, OBC and minority students, if any. Such students may submit their grievances in writing to any of the under-mentioned member of the Cell.
  • To arrange Cultural Awareness Programmes in and beyond the University Campus for facilitating the mottos stated above.
  • To look for special career opportunities for the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority students of the University. The Cell has arranged to conduct NET/SET Coaching Classes for the SC, ST, OBC, and Minority students (although non-reserved / non-minority students / general alumni are welcome in such classes) in each academic department of the university on a weekly basis.
  • To enhance the psychological wellbeing of SC/ST/OBC and Minority students of the university.

Structure of the Cell

Prof. Sujit Mandal

  • Department of Geography
  • Convener

Dr. Satya Mandal

  • Registrar
  • Members

Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh

  • Department of Physics
  • Members

Dr. Ashis Kumar Debnath

  • Department of Education
  • Members

Dr. Sudip Kumar Saha

  • Department of Physics
  • Members

Sarmin Rahaman

  • Department of Bengali
  • Members

Malyashree Mandal

  • Department of English
  • Members

Md. Rajekul Islam

  • Department of History
  • Members

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