Central Library

The Central Library of the Diamond Harbour Women’s University is located at a convenient position at the ground floor of the Academic Building. This Library not only caters to the present students, research scholars, and staff, but also the alumni as well as independent researchers and academicians unrelated to the University (Please refer to the “Extended Services” section below for further details).


Post vacant


  • Dilip Das, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics.

Staff of the Library:

  • Srikanta Naskar, Assistant Librarian, Grade II
  • Md. Mijanur Rahaman Molla, Assistant Librarian, Grade II
  • Pratul Kr. Mandal, Library Attendant (part-time)

General Rules and Regulations


The students must adhere to the rules and regulations of the University Central Library, which may be altered from time to time as and when necessary, without prior notification. They are advised to download the Rules and Regulations document linked below and read carefully before using the Central / Departmental Library of the University.

Library Working Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10.30 a.m. to 3.15 p.m.
  • Sunday and holidays are closed.

Requisition slips for lending are accepted until half an hour before the closure of the library.

Diamond Harbour Women’s University Library Structure


Print Resources


The University Central Library has approximately 6000 books in Bengali, English, and other Indian languages. The Library is also enriched by collections donated by several academicians.

Journals and Newspapers

The Library also houses nearly 25 journals of varied academic interests. It also regularly subscribes to 3 daily newspapers of national repute and 2 employment weeklies to cater to the students.


The University Central Library boasts of a wide range of cartographic charts.

On-line Resources


Keeping in tandem with modern technologies, the Departmental Libraries of the University facilitates e-learning for the students who usher in a highly digitalised era. The Library boasts of nearly 3000 e-books as of January 2019. The University Website also links to e-PG Pathshala and various online resources.

Research Assistance

Bibliographical Facility:

Any research scholar / independent researcher may request the University Central Library to provide a Select Bibliography for the research interest of the researcher, provided that the Central Library accommodates academic materials on that particular discipline or object of research interest.

Anti-Plagiarism Tool:

The University condemns all forms of plagiarisms and infringement of intellectual property rights. The University also includes anti-plagiarism methods in its postgraduate / research curricula, and strongly adheres to ethical academic practices for all term papers / dissertations / theses. The University is also looking forward to installing necessary plagiarism-checking tools and software in its Central Library in near future.


Reading Room:

The Central Library of the University accommodates about 40 people in its well-maintained Reading Room. The Journal and the Reference Sections are also accessible for the Reading Room. There is a separate reading section for the members of the teaching faculty.

Digital Library:

The University Central Library has a Digital Reading Room with ample computers providing high-speed internet connection.


The Central Library of the University permits limited reprography for rare and reference books for the use of the students and researchers. The University has arrangements for cheap reprography in the first floor of its Students’ Activity Centre, located strategically between the Academic Building and the upcoming Students’ Hostel.

Book Lending:

The Central Library of the University offers lending facility for its current students, research scholars, and staff.

Question Papers :

The Central Library of the University maintains records of previous years’ examination question papers for the easy access of the students, research scholars, and staff.

Theses & Dissertations:

The University Central Library preserves the terms papers / dissertations of the postgraduate students, provided by the respective departments. In near future, it also has plans to open a different section for preservation and access of MPhil Dissertations and PhD Theses.


The Online Public Access Catalogue of the Central Library of the University is under process, using the Software for University Libraries (SOUL). The OPAC, as usual, can be accessed from distant computers.

Manual Catalogue:

The Central Library of the University has manual card catalogues and proposes to continue with manual catalogues along with its upcoming OPAC services.

Donated Collection:

The University Library thankfully appreciates any donation of books. The University duly acknowledges its gratitude to:

» Prof.Samita Sen, Former Vice-Chancellor, Diamond Harbour Women´s University, for kindly donating the Rajashree Dutta and Sushil Khanna Collection, consisting of over 200 books in various Indian languages.

» Distinguished Physicist Prof.Parthasarathi Majumdar and noted author Smt. Subhadra Urmila Majumdar, for kindly donating the Dr.NiloyMajumdar & Dr. Reba Majumdar Memorial Collections, consisting of 233 books.

Extended Services

The Central Library of the University extends its Reading Room and Digital Library services for the alumni of the University as well as independent researchers upon obtaining permission from the Registrar. The alumni can also avail a temporary library card for a period not exceeding six months to access the Reading Room and Digital Library sections of the library. However, lending facilities are not extended to the alumni and independent researchers unrelated to the University.


The Central Library of the University subscribes to a number of print journals of varied academic interests and hopes to increase the number of subscribed journals and magazines in the days to come.

List of Journals and Magazines


Departmental Libraries

At present, the Department of Bengali runs its own Departmental Seminar Library under the aegis of the Central Library of the University, managed by the Head of the Department. At present, the Seminar Library of the Bengali Department boasts of nearly 250 print books and 2500 e-books, 5 print journals, and photographic plates.

Other academic departments of the university are also planning to commence the operations of their departmental seminar libraries in near future. At present, the teaching faculties of those departments are lending their personal books for the use of the students as and when necessary.

Open Access Online Resources

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