Department of Chemistry

Brief Introduction of the Department

The Department of Chemistry, Diamond Harbour Women´s University, is one of the newest departmentsof the University, having been formed in 2017. The first batch of this department started with 20 students in various parts of West Bengal. Initially 16 resource persons were engaged in teaching. At present it is being nourished by young permanent faculty members along with some guest faculties. The present intake of students is 25 in each year. The department has been offering three Advance papers in the final semester, viz. Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.The department also conducts special classes for NET/GATE etc. examinations. The students are engaged in different co-curricular activities to enhance their overall educational experience.

Starting from this year, the Department has grown exponentially; forming its Board of Studies and Board of Research Studies in 2019. Along with PG courses this department is also committed to pursue research on fundamental and applied problems by addressing scientific but significant inquiry by individual faculty and student investigators, and stimulating the development of innovative interdisciplinary research programs around key centers of excellence. The PhD course will commence very soon.

The Department expresses its gratitude to all the resource persons who contributed immensely to build up this department. The Department is also thankful to other renowned academicians for their kind consent to be members of the Board of Studies, Board of Research Studies and other programmes undertaken by the Department.

Thrust Area of Research in the Department

  • Bio-Inorganic Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry
  • Quantum Dynamics
  • Organic Synthesis and Chemical Biology
  • Molecular Spectroscopy

Academic Programmes

  • Master of Science
  • MSC  View more
  • Honours Graduate in Concerned Discipline
  • 25

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