University Canteen

The University has its own canteen in a large, spacious compound located strategically near the Academic Building as well as the Students’ Hostel. The University arranges LTI for running the canteen and the highest bidder gets to serve the canteen as per the prevailing laws. The University has its dedicated Canteen Committee to supervise the activities of the canteen on a regular basis, and direct the staff of the canteen accordingly for hygienic and student-friendly preparation of consumables. Some key aspects of the University Canteen are:

  • Importance is given for preparation of nourishing, wholesome meals instead of fast foods that are detrimental to health. Junk Foods are not encouraged.
  • Fresh fruits are kept in the canteen on a regular basis.
  • Students are encouraged to take indigenous beverages like Lassi in the summer months instead of carbonated beverages, considering the health aspect.
  • The Canteen is cleaned on a regular basis for maintaining hygiene.

Apart from these, the following facilities are available for the students in the University Canteen:

  • A sitting arena separate from the Kitchen, with ample chairs and tables.
  • Ample wash basins with mirror installed.
  • Wall-mounted Television Set with STB.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Refrigerated Ice-Cream Box.
  • Fixed Price Chart clearly displayed.
  • Curtains installed in the windows.

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