The University has begun issuing tender notices for procurement of goods and services. Viewers may please watch for tender notices for classroom and office furniture, software solutions, equipments, computers, books and journals and empanelment of suppliers of printing and stationeries etc. to be put up shortly.

  1. Tender notice for Car hire
  2. Tender Notice for Class Room Furniture
  3. Notice for book vendors
  4. Tender Notice for Online Admission Software 2015-2016
  5. Limited Tender Inquiry (LTI) for Geography Laboratory
  6. Limited Tender Inquiry (LTI) for Physics Laboratory – 1
  7. Limited Tender inquiry (LTI) for Physics Laboratory – 2
  8. LTI for Guest House 2015
  9. LTI for Items in Guest House 1 – 2015
  10. LTI for Items in Guest House 2 – 2015
  11. Notice Inviting Tender for engagement of Security Guards 2015 (Retender)
  12. Tender notice for hire two Non AC cars 2015
  13. Limited Tender Enquiry (LTE) for Physics Laboratory december 2015
  14. Limited Tender Enquiry LTE for Physics Laboratory – 2 December 2015
  15. Limited Tender Enquiry LTE for Physics Laboratory – 3 December 2015
  16. Extension of NIT
  17. LTI for Physics Laboratory 333
  18. LTI for Physics Laboratory 334
  19. Limited Tender Inquiry (LTI) for determining grades
  20. LTI for Physics Laboratory 352
  21. Tender Notice for Online Admission Software 2016-2017
  22. LTI for Physics Laboratory 367
  23. LTI for Almirah 433
  24. LTI for Educational Tour June 2016
  25. LTI for Moulded Polymer Chair
  26. LTI for Furniture 2016-17 (1)
  27. LTI for Furniture 2016-17 (2)
  28. LTI for Furniture 2016-17 (3)
  29. Tender notice for 1 Non A/C car.
  30. Limited Tender Inquiry (LTI) for Printer cum photo copier, LED/LCD Projector, Laptop/ Note book
  31. LTI for Physics Laboratory 519
  32. Extension of NIT
  33. LTI for Desktop PC & Laptop
  34. LTI for Furniture 2016-17 (4)
  35. NIT for Canteen in DHWU
  36. NIT_for_Canteen_in_DHWU_2
  37. NIT for Printer cum photo copier, LED/LCD Projector and Laptop/ Note book
  38. NIT for Furniture 2017
  39. LTI for Educational Tour February 2017
  40. NIT for Printer cum photo copier, LED/LCD Projector and Laptop/Note book 2
  41. NIT for Office Furniture 2017
  42. NIT for GPS 2017
  43. NIT for Virtual Classroom Chairs
  44. NIT for engagement of Security Guards.
  45. NIT for Desk Cum Bench.
  46. LTI for Online Admission Software 2017-2018
  47. Tender for Chemical Organic and Inorganic.
  48. Tender for Zoology Laboratory Instruments chemicals glass plastic ware slides and specimens.
  49. Tender for Zoology Laboratory Infrastructure.
  50. Tender for Zoology Laboratory Instruments.
  51. Tender_of_Glosswares___Plastic_wares_for_Chemistry_Laboratory.
  52. Tender_of_Instruments_for_Chemistry_Laboratory.
  53. LTI for Educational Tour September 2017
  54. LTI for Supply of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine & Incinerator
  55. LTI for supply of Spectrophotometer for Chemistry Laboratory
  56. NIT for Office Furniture Sep 2017
  57. NIT for Office Furniture 2 Sep 2017
  58. LTI for Desktop and Printer
  59. LTI for Desktop and Printer 2
  60. NIT for Supply and Installation of Zoology Laboratory Infrastructure
  61. LTI for Supply of Chemicals/Reagents/Apparatus for Chemistry Laboratory.
  62. LTI for Supply of Apparatus for Chemistry Laboratory
  63. Tender for Selection of Recruitment Agency for Group-C staff
  64. Tender For Operating Two Photocopy Machines
  65. Spot Quotation for Chancellor visit programme.
  66. Tender for Horticuluture and Landscaping work final
  67. E-Tender Notice for Software of Geography Department.
  68. LTI for Supply of Wooden Dias and Table for Seminar Room.
  69. Re-Tender For Operating Two Photocopy Machines.
  70. E-Tender Notice for Delivery & Installation of Furniture, Interior Design, Lighting, Acoustic and Stage of The Auditorium in the Administrative Building.
  71. Tender for Conference room chairs.
  72. 2nd call of E-Tender Notice for Delivery Installation of Furniture Interior Design Lighting Acoustic and St 21085
  73. LTI for Supply of Chemicals for Chemistry Laboratory
  74. E-Tender_Notice_for_Supply of GIS Desktop Software and image processing software for the Department of Geography.
  75. LTI for Supply of Equipment Instrument for Chemistry Laboratory